controll of outputs by IR and buttons

i’m looking for advice on my program for my “board”
my “board” is a collection of breadboards, PC power box, and radio shack experimenting board.
I have a lot of different things to control like a 3050, 78r12, power box, and 2fans.
I have a teensey++2.0 and am having trouble with making efficient code to control all of these with IR and buttons.
I have slimmed down my code to only include the control of the power box and I have tried the millis feature but doesn’t change any outputs.
so if anybody has great ideas it would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

master_controll0_1.ino (3.99 KB)

I figured it out guys. I found an original version of my code and I modified it to work with my new outputs.
I still have to get the fans to work but i think it will be easier now that I have the other stuff in.
no thanks to you guys… JKD!
if you have any question or comments about my code or hardware feel free to ask.
code i’m currently using is attached.

master_controll0_2.ino (5.55 KB)