Controll Phoenix ICE2 HV 40 via arduino

Hi, I’m using PhoenixICE240HV and Hi-Flow Thruster 400HFS-L, power source has 12V/10A.
I’m trying to control via arduino, but unsuccessfully.
Accordingly to user manual I’m gererating 1,5 ms pulse -neutral,than full rev - 1ms than full fwd(2ms).


#include <Servo.h> 
Servo myservo;
void setup() 
void loop() {
  myservo.write(95); // 1,5 ms -> neutral 
  myservo.write(45); // 1 ms -> full reverse
  myservo.write(145); // 2 ms -> full forward

Phoenix ICE2 HV 40 is connected to power source, thruster, and to arduino (brown line to arduino GND, orange line to arduino pin 3 (PWM)).

Motor doesn’t rotate, only beeps. Please,do you know, where is a error?
Thank you so much indeed.

Where are the links to the hardware you're using?

  myservo.write(95); // 1,5 ms -> neutral

You did notice that the comment on this line has no relation to the code on that line, didn't you?