Controlled Arduino via Wi-fi server

Controlling Arduino with any device connected to the main server (laptop) via Wi-fi and web browser.
The server software is called Mango M2M, an open source proyect for domotics applications.

Are you kidding me ? You mean I don't have to be a programmer to control my arduino with my Android RAZR ?


Yes, I'm glad I found this Mango M2M proyect. I was just about to start learning php ( :sleeping:) to create my own server when I found this, it creates the server very easily and is compatible with Linux (now I'm testing it on Win). It communicates with arduino via Modbus, there are many sketches for modbus slave in Arduino.

Do I need to get a MODBUS breakout bd to use it ?

Only If you want to connect muliple Arduino with RS485 wired network. but if you want to connect only one Arduino, then you can plug it via its USB port (as shown in my example video).

If you prefer wireless network with multiple Arduinos, you can connect one Arduino via USB and the others connected to this Arduino via Xbee or Nordic transceivers.