Controlled Propellor

I am trying to make a propellor that is attached to a wooden base. My goal is to have the propeller's motor attached to a sort of dial in order to adjust the height of the propellor. I was originally attempting to do this with analog, but Ive heard it would probably be easier in digital. That being said, I have no experience at all with Arduino.

Can someone give my beginners tip on how I can implement this and what materials I'll need.


Hi and welcome, hope you have a fun time learning because there is a lot to learn :)

First its not really clear what you want to do.

What dial are you talking about?

All that you want to do is adjust your propeller height (up and down) with a turn knob?

The easiest is to use a servo motor to adjust the propeller height and use a potentiometer to adjust the servo motors position with analog read.

But you might have to explain a little more exactly what you project is about.


In terms of the dial, I want there to to basically be a knob where, if turned clockwise, the propellor moves up, and if turned counterclockwise, the propellor moves down.

Thats pretty much the aim of the project. Do you like this is a possibility for a beginner to accomplish?

Still vague. Draw a picture and post it.

Something mechanical perhaps using a threaded rod would do it.

Hi, Do you have a particular application for this/ Do you want to move the motor and propeller up and down, or just the propeller?

Thanks.. Tom..... :)