Controller and additional devices for assembly


I'm looking for advice to get controller for animatronics assembly control with single usb connection from desktop application

I have to control 8 servo motors, 1 cardioid microphone, 1 loudspeaker, which should amplify computer sound, and use 1 video camera to get computer vision output with further processing and subsequent commands to controller

I need to handle event commands for several motors like this stepper with 2.5 oz-in of torque, which movement should be pretty fast and powerful, but I'm not sure about speed of data exchange, as well as receiving data from CV same way as from usual PC USB camera

and I think, I need some bipolar stepper driver and probably, a compatible high voltage motor power supply (e.g. 24-36 volts), not sure, to get the desired step rate.

I'm newbie with controllers, servomotors, steppers, power supply etc., need advice to find correct controller and additional devices

Any advice would be helpful