controller for model lights

still looking for the perfect controller interface..the choices are coming down to arduino Uno, PICaxe or build my own, still haven't made up my mind which I want to go with, each has its own questions, im so confused..

I have tried to join their respective forums but had problems with each (one said I couldn't do anything till mods approved me, still waiting for that, the other goes to a blank page, another am still waiting on a response...)

here is what I want: remote access: I found this remote:12V-12Channel-Relay-RF-Switch-1000m-Remote-Control-Transmitter-Receiver

functions: separate on/off for spot lights, main, and bonus lights dimmer for interior and strobes

I would like two different strobes one for regular nav lights and a double flash(blink,blink,rest) for main center strobe, inverse chasing leds for the nacelle would be cool (translation: just thought of I go overthinking again..)

so far arduino/PICaxe seems to be the best solution for everything I want, but I have no experience with those systems and I am confusing myself trying to figure out which one would work best for me (do I really need any extras, like the usb remote that makes it so I wont have to install a USB port on my ship,(but do I really need that? I would only have to program it once right?)) then I would have to find a program that either does or almost does what I want (im better at editing than coming up with the code from scratch) then how would I tie it in with my remote?... I think i need someone willing to walk me through what I don't know (or at least have the unique abilty to unconfused me..)

I have found some schematics to build my own circuits, a simple flash circuit. and a dimmer circuit, having probs finding a double flash circuit, as most electronics led flash kits do not say whether they double flash or not and the ones that have videos are only regular flashes.. both the regular flash and the dimmer I can get in kit form (components and board) which is a good thing, I would rather have the kits than scratch build, been looking for inverse chasing led's but only found regular chasing leds, (inverse meaning the leds are all on and an off led chases around) which indicates that it would be easier to do with arduino/picaxe..

HELP! i'm so confused right now.. the simpler the better...

Your post is rather vague. Do you have a question ?

Ultimately, there is little to choose between the Atmel chips in the Arduino and Microchip chips in the Picaxe.

I haven't use a Picaxe though I did program some PIC chips years ago.

As far as I know the Arduino system gives direct access to the chips whereas the Picaxe chips have to carry the overhead of a Basic interpreter. That means you can probably do more sophisticated things with an Arduino - if you need to.

I like the Arduino system because if you get an Uno, download the Arduino IDE to your PC, plug the Uno usb cable into the PC, upload one of the example programs (sketches) and "it just works".

There is a huge amount of support for newcomers here on the Forum as well as a wide range of example code that comes with the Arduino IDE. I suspect the Arduino has the broadest support system.


You can probably do everything with a $3 Pro-Mini. Post and organized list of the I/O that you need a summary of the program requirements. Don't use the paragraph format like you first post. Use and outline format with letters or numbers. If you have any drawings or links to something similar post that.