controller on sailboat

I have a smalle sailboat (6 meter). and I want to use the arduino for controlling lights, read windspeed and temperature.
I’m a beginning arduinoist, Read the tutorial, a lot of topics, began to change program lines…and maybe i in a week or 3 I will get my…" I get it" experions.

Question: Can I attach 3 relay’s (12 volt dc…car battery) to controle lights inside/outside & power to my car-radio (ok it’s in a boat).
Also read a ac volt diffence from the windspeedmeter (it is a coil with magnet (it’s,I think, a max of 1 volt…when I blow in it, it produces a volt of 0,5 volt dc max…(and that with my blowing-force :-*)))
And a temperature sensor???

Note: I know it’s possible, but I can’t get my nose in the right direction (programming whise)
Understand the way of programming…but when I try it myself…a kind of shortcircuit im my brain.

A relay is like a led…power ON or OFF, (12 volt dc…no prob with arduino?)
Windspeed shall be a difference in voltage
Temperature is a example in arduino-software…And will be the easiest.

I have a lcd-keypad module (LCD4BIT_MOD). And (of course) all of the functions must be in a menu, and can be activated/deactivated.

I don’t want a full programm, because then I can’t learn. But can someone, gif me a hint???

Examples work good, A small change in the program…I understand.
But the typing of a totale program (like the topic)…ghrrghrrr…> shortcut in the membraine.

(Want to learn it…it a super thingy)

(I’m dutch, so sorry for the trubble with the language)


Controlling relays is absolutely possible, and not very complicated. But you can not hook a relay directly up to an Arduino pin, because the relay coil will most likely draw more current than an Arduino pin can source (max 40 mA). The solution is to let Arduino drive a transistor and then let the transistor drive the relay. Jost Google Arduino + relay, you will find lots of examples.

The temperature sensor should be simple as you have already discovered.

If the windmeter puts out a DC voltage less than 5V then you can use the built in ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) on one of Arduinos analog in pins to read the voltage. If the voltage is AC or exceeds 5V then you need to do “something” to it first. The ADC is easy to use, basically i converts a voltage in the 0 - 5V range to a number in the 0 - 1023 range.

The LCD and keypad should also be fairly easy to hook up, especially if you have the datasheet. There is a library for hooking up LCD displays, you can find it on the Arduino site. There is also examples for hooking up a keypad.

The program is going to be a bit complex, and i recomend that you try to make it in little modules that you can program and test one at a time.

read the Arduino programming reference and check out how you can split your program up in different functions you can call. This makes it a lot easier to develop and trobleshoot the program.

An easy option for controlling the LCD / keypad would be this

It allows an LCD / keypad to be controlled Serially, which will save many Arduino pins and make it a lot easier to program.

Thanks for the comment.

I will try a little with small program’s, for relay, windspeed and temp.

Then give it a try to put the value’s on my lcd.

You said, maybe get a serial display. because of the pins that are used.
My lcd-shield doesn’t take al the pins… or does it?
Ofcource every pin is used by the shield…but I think the lcd itself doesn’t use every pin.

Maybe you know that.

For now…wish me luck.
Not hoping for strange mysterious blue smoke :’(

Thanks for now

The shield does most likely not use all the pins, but you will need the schematics or other documentation to find out which ones it does use.