controller output pins merged...

I have a microcontroller i'm trying to replicate but I don't think i am doing it correctly..

I figured out that the 6 buttons on the controller correspond to 6 wires, and 2 wires are output. Right now when i press any button on the controller the output pins are set to high.. Any ideas of how i could figure out what button is being pressed?

I put the output pins together because they are together in the original one (the green wires) and testing them separately they have the same output.

Trace out the schematic.

Is this a "smart" thing that has intelligence baked into it, or is it a "dumb" keypad?

I suspect the appropriate way to interface with it will become obvious when you have the circuit traced out (if not to you, to us).

It is a dance pad from here, not exactly sure what it means to trace out a schematic, but i found what each wire does:

white/blue: right
white/oragne: left
orange: up
blue: down
white/brown: select
brown: start
green/white: output
green: output

Probably worth noting that the wire is a ethernet cable that plugs into the dance pad

edit: i feel so dumb.. i had it backwards (the greens are power, other 6 are outputs), got it working