Controlling 108x24 LED Scrolling display using Shift register and decade counter

Can anyone Plz,

I’m working on a 108x24 LED matrix scrolling display.
I used shift registers for the columns and decade counter for the rows.

now I’m having problems with the code, I’m not an expert on coding,
so I’m asking anyone to help me make it work.

it supposes to work via Bluetooth communication.

I uploaded two different codes
and some pictures

please HELP!!

Scrolling_Txt.ino (3.58 KB)

The other code

New_BT_LED_SCROLLING.ino (40.4 KB)

Each shift register needs a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor between the power pins.
Waste of time looking at software until you have the hardware stable.

I will add that later when I get home from work.
Plz help me the software also.

thanks in advance!

You might not have any problem when your hardware is stable.