Controlling +/-12V for high current load


i have an arduino uno and a strong single channel 12V power-supply and i want to control multiple peltier-elements separately. These peltier elements use up to 4 Amps each. I want to used them for cooling and heating - depending on what is needed. So I need to control my voltage between -12 and +12 Volts.

So far it does not seem that hard, but my main problem at the moment is that these peltier-elements do not like PWM-modulated current, hence they need a constant voltage.

What is the way to go to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

Found this.

A relay could be used to reverse peltier polarity.

Apologies for beeing to stupid to use google. – And thank you very much for bringing my project a great leap forward. :grinning: