Controlling 12V leds in a car?

Hey guys I was wondering what the possibilities are of being able to have an arduino in my car that would control led lighting. Here is why I want to make this project,

I currently have 5 different lighting circuits in my car. Leds in my vents, leds on the front footwells, leds in the back footwell and leds in my cup holder. Before I had a switch for every one, but I never liked seeing all these switches in my car. What I would love to do is be able to connect these to the arduino and be able to individually turn on and off any circuit I'd like using my phone. Is this idea possible and if so is it advanced to do or should it be fairly easy? what arduino board do you recommend for this project.

Yes, It can be done several ways.

Idea is possible. Pretty easy.
More info needed:
How many LEDs, how many mAs to be controlled? Will need discrete NPN transistors or logic level N-channel MOSFETs., an array like ULN2803, or shift register with high current sink output like TPIC6B595.
Blue tooth to phone?

Thank you for the replies, If having a phone connected to the arduino is easier then that works but bluetooth would be ideal. The leds themselves is just a single led. Pre-Wired 12 volt Surface Mount Tiny Led Lights | Oznium

I'm thinking of using Bluetooth.

Is there a way to create an app on android that can send commands using Bluetooth? Also what arduino board would work best for my application. I'm assuming I will also need a relay board? Or can the arduino switch 12volts?

I don't know about the bluetooth side.
For the LEDs, relay is overkill, a simple buffer chip like ULN2803 is all you need.

Each output can drive 1 to 3 LEDs connected in parallel at the currents spec'ed here:

Connect GND to Arduino & 12V GND, leave COM unconnected.
Arduino drives the inputs, outputs go to LED -; LED+ goes to 12V.
Arduino high turns on a channel.

The thing is I have 8 different circuits that I want to control individually and some circuits have more than 4 LEDs connected. I found a 5v relay board with 8 chanells for 10$ thinking I need that. But I am unfamiliar with arduinos. Do they take 5v as a power supply or 12? What one would work best for this application

Get a car phone charger that plugs in the cigarette lighter (or equivalent "DC outlet" these days) and power the arduino via USB from that. Use a splitter cable from Radio Shack and then you can have 12V for the LEDs.
The Arduino will work from 12V, it will just run hot as it makes 5V from 12V.
The relay module will work fine too if you have one already.
You can use a small box from "Really Useful Boxes" (Staples, Office Max) to mount the cards in and keep them out of the way.

You can also use IR to control it, if you have a old remote you don't use.