Controlling 12VDC Solenoid using 4.5-9VDC/12VDC converter

I am new to Arduino and need to control a 12-24VDC Micro-Solenoid Valve (SIRAI ZE30C) using Arduino. I am aware that this is possible using a TIP120 transistor (or similar) however I need to use a DC/DC converter. The converter I would like to use is an XP JCA1005S12 which takes a 4.5-9 VDC input and output’s 12VDC.

Any help in creating the circuit would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Please see attached data-sheets for the components.

2282419.pdf (258 KB)

V165V.pdf (114 KB)

I don't really see the problem here, it seems pretty straightforward.

You will just need the flyback diode here since you are switching an inductive load and then the load will be connected to the output of your DC/DC converter instead of the Vin of the Arduino as on the image. The Arduino ground and the DC/DC converter ground will be connected.

What else do you need help with? I don't really understand your question.

One thing to watch out for is the surge when you switch the load on. It might reset your Arduino; to prevent this, add a large (470uF) capacitor across the duino power rails and then power the Arduino over a diode.

Edit: as such: