Controlling 2 Arduino Uno

I am new to robotics and I am building a bot using 2 arduino uno.. One is for the robitics and the other is for lights and sound.. I need to have two due to it being 2 seperate pieces. Can I control both uno using a lynxmotion game pad controller and if so how do I do it... Thanks for the help

First, what do you mean by "separate pieces"? Are they able to be connected to each other in any manner (even wirelessly)? If not, you might have a challenge ahead.

If so - then maybe the easiest would be to designate one Uno as "master" and the other as a "slave" - and connect them together using SPI or I2C. You'll be limited in length, though. There are ways to extend this (or use some other serial protocol and hardware).

Another possibility would be to add wifi capability to each Uno (maybe with ESP8266 modules), and link them with that. You could also introduce a third Uno (or just an ESP8266 - properly programmed, of course) to hook the gamepad up to - and it could send commands to the other Unos.

Note that I am using the ESP8266 as a standin, as it is very popular right now; you could probably use just about any serial RF connection hardware.

I don't see any issue with what you are asking about. It would be best if they were connected in some way (that way you could send commands to one, and have it relay the proper commands to the other as needed), but even separate, it could be done (you just might have to either have some kind of "addressing" system - which is easy with the ESP8266 as it is standard wifi ethernet - it has an IP address - but for other forms you might need to set up your protocol to send an address packet that both receivers listen to, and only use the command data sent with the packet if the address matches up).