Controlling 2 DC motors with power 2kW for each


I am new for all those ARDUINO things, but I have to find a way, how to control 2pcs. of 12 V DC motors 2 kW for each.
The main thing that is important for me, those motors have to rotate with same speed and torque, and there would be brakes that will brake those motors. My idea is that I will read curent that is drawn by those motors so I could compare how braking happens, how equaly. (Newtones here is not important)
I have done some research what thing would be needed for that, but I am not sure that that is all.

For matching speeds i think i could use some hall sensor, but there would be some encoders needed, right?
For cntrolling motors I have to use motor driver or it could be done with ARDUINO it self? If I need motor driver, how to select the right one?

For now it is all, I don't know more questions at the moment, but there would be more.

P.S. English is far from my native language, so excuse me for mistakes, if something in unclear at all I will try to explain.

2kW is not a sensible rating for a 12V motor, 48V might be more reasonable. Either way a motor
controller at those current and power levels will not be cheap.

What are you trying to do? Why 12V?

At the beginning there was idea to use starter motor from car, it is 1.7kW and 12V, so I could use this device almost everywhere.

But those starter motors heat up very quickly, so now I think that I would use 220V motor.

So what I need to do things that mentioned in my first post, but with 220v motor?

Yes, car starter motors will simply melt if run continuously at high power.

With an ac motor you may need a VFD that can be programmed over opto-isolated serial or similar interface.

What are you trying to do?

I have to build something similar to brake tester, that is used in car shops. But they measure force and how equaly wheels stopping. I need to detect only how equaly brakes applies. So my idea was to measure Amps that is drawn by motors to spin them in pre programmed speed.