Controlling 2 inputs and outputs simultaneously

I went to school for automation control using PLC's. They have the ability to seamlessly control multiple inputs and outputs without lagging.

The problem I'm having is that I've got 2 infrared sensor inputs and 2 relay outputs and I want to control lights in 2 separate parts of my home.

When I program this I get 1 to come on, but the other will not work until the first one has timed out. I get it. It's running through the code and stopping, then running the code again.

Is there a post already containing what I need to do or can someone throw me a sample bit of code to get me started?

Thank you!!

Hi. Show us you code and we can suggest how to fix it. Use code tags!


This is a case of "you show me yours first, and I'll show you mine!"

Read the instructions.