Controlling 2 LDD-700 LED Drivers on one Arduino PWM pin


I need to free up one PWM pin on my Arduino. I have 2 channels of Red LEDS that are controlled by an LDD driver each that are always set to the same brightness. I am trying to determine if I can hook both channels up to the same PWM pin with no ill effects. Is this feasible? I attached the data sheet to the LDD driver; just having some trouble deciphering the information within said datasheet.


LDD-H-spec-766227 Datasheet.pdf (107 KB)

Yes, you can connect more than one DIM input to a PWM output.
They present very little load on an Arduino pin (<=100k AFAIK).

Those drivers are 'off' if DIM voltage is <0.8volt, and 'on' if DIM voltage is >2.5volt (max 6volt).
So they can be driven by 3.3volt PWM as well as 5volt PWM.

Thank you.