controlling 2 output with 2 input

hi, i need a guidance for my fingerprint door lock project.

i have the fingerprint sensor for the outside house control and a push button for the inside house control.
so, i use 2 output relay to lock and unlock the motor.

how can i program every input to lock and unlock the motor.

the goals: if a correct fingerprint detected, the lock relay = HIGH. then if a button pressed, the unlock relay = HIGH. if button pressed again, the lock relay = HIGH.

sorry for my bad english.

Thanks before...

Hello panducdrmwn,
Please read ‘how to use this forum, please read’.

You are unlikely to get a helpful answer here unless you provide the information asked for. For example, details of what products you have, links to where you bought them, what kind of interface does the finger print sensor have? Data sheet for it. What Arduino do you have? What experience do you have? What have you tried? What code have you written? How have you wired it all up?

Sorry for my bad English.

No one minds your English, we do mind you not providing much information or showing any sign of making an effort yourself.