Controlling 20+ Servos using Mega vs Servo controller

Hello all,

I’m about to get started on a hexapod project, and I was wondering, are there any pros/cons of using an Arduino Mega to control lots of servos vs. using a servo controller for the same?

Also, for powering the servos, should I power the servos in sets of 3 vs powering all of them together?

I’m pretty new to such projects that require a large number of servos so any help would be appreciated!



Servo library can support 48 supposedly.
Why don’t you start with that and see how it goes? Creating the pulses for each servo is kind of a set & forget thing using internal timers, so doing it internally vs telling an external controller where to go to shouldn’t be all that much different computing power/time wise.
Powering in sets of 3 should be fine, as long as your power supply puts out enough amps for all 3 moving at once if that’s what you’re planning on doing with them.