Controlling 24V, 0.4 A Stepper Motor

I need to control 4 stepper motor from Arduino Mega. The motor I'm using PM14-M201. Torque produced with L293DNE, on giving 12 V from battery is insufficient. On giving 24V, L293DNE burns out even though it can support 36V.

Please help. Thanks in advance!

What should I do? Should I use some other IC or is there a way by changing the connections ?

Motor Datasheet :

Connections : Using L293DNE


please give more informations like wire plan & detailes motor specs would be a cool next step to do.

Have a look at stepper motor basics.

Use specialized stepper motor drivers such as a Pololu A4988 which can easily work at 24v.

They will also make the coding and connections much easier.


A quick search reveals the 14PM-M201, not a PM14-M201.... Is that what you mean?

Its a 9 ohm 0.4A motor, designed for chopper driver, not really from H-bridges, since
the DC voltage would be 3.6V in that mode and the top speed sluggish.

A4988 chopper driver will handle 0.4A nicely, and then you can unleash 24V or more to
spin it quick.