Controlling 24VDC Device for Electro Suction

Hi there, I'm looking to control a 24VDC device for electro cup suction using an Arduino Uno in a wall climbing robot, however the output signal of the Uno is 5V. I'm not a professional in electrical concepts, but I read something about using a relay module to control the device (link below). Do I have to provide an external 24V power source, if so what kind of supply can I implement? If I were to use a relay, am I able to control multiple devices for the suction cup ? Here are links:

Relay Function
Relay Module Tutorial
Relay Module Board
EC40 Electric Vacuum Cup Datasheet

Thanks for the help.

Going to be an interesting device you are making. Note the 50% duty cycle. if the device is sucking for 15 seconds, then it must be off for the next 15 seconds.
Each devices needs 1/2 amp at 24 volts. I presume at some point, all 4 devices will be sucking, so 4 times 1/2 amp means you need a 24 volt supply capable of more than 2 amps, preferable 3-4 amps.
You can certainly implement this with relays, but so much easier to use a single MOSFET for each suction device. Schematics for how to connect them to an Arduino pin are available and likely someone will post one right on this thread for you.
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You may be tempted to power a relay directly from an Arduino. Don't. It is a sure way to destroy the Arduino or at least lessen its life expectancy.

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