Controlling 2x 28byj-48 bipolar stepper motors

Hello there, I am stuck.

I'm trying to control two blinds using Arduino. I plan to use two stepper motors to direct drive the shaft to rotate the blinds, no need to pull the blinds aside so just one function. To achieve this I would like to use two modified 28byj-48 unipolar stepper motors to be bipolar as the unipolar did not have enough torque. They will need to turn in either direction with the press of a button. Both motors will need to work independently of each other but at the same time off the same Arduino board. Two bipolar motors with two buttons each, one for clockwise and one for counterclockwise. I can run with either an uno or a nano, I have both and would prefer that they both run off the same board. I have had the two unmodified steppers working as I want but can not get the modified ones to go. Not sure what driver boards to use and what the code should look like. I have currently taken everything apart and am starting from scratch, so no hardware currently set up and definitely no software. Looking for a clean solution to achieve this. It would also be great to add a light sensor in to control the blinds without my input, not sure if I would need an auto / manual toggle switch to change between the light sensor controlling it and the buttons.

Thank you for the advice in advance.

These links may help
Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

also look up the AccelStepper library