Controlling 3 DC motors with a Wii Nunchuck

Hi all,

Just wondering whether someone can help me with some coding. I am a teacher and am trying to create a project for my classes. I have a Ardunio Uno board with a Motor Drive Expansion Shield Module L293D. I want to be able to drive all three motors using a Wii Nun chuck. I want two motors to drive/steer the robot using the joystick while the third to just use as a extra for another purpose which will need to be controlled by the two buttons on the front of the controller.

If anyone could help or point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

To start you will need a bluetooth module if you intend it to be wireless and connected to a wii remote. If not try this website for a good library to handle the data input. provides tutorials for using sparkfun's connector to use the nun chuck.

You can split you project into 2 parts:

  1. Control the motors. For my quad:
  • Use the Servo Lib
  • get ESC specs (min/max thrusts etc.)
  • write some methods for setting thrust
  1. Read Nun Chuck input (never done before)

  2. Putting things together as you need them

Since I don’t think someone will code the project for you: Most libs have examples which describe their usage fairly good.