Controlling 3-Phase inverter for AC motor

Hello everyone,

I am an electrical engineering student, and I do my final year project. My project is to design a 3 phase-inverter for an electric gokart with permanent magnet synchronous motor. I don't have concrete numbers about the motor, because my collegues do that work, and they are in the starting phase too. I think the nominal power maybe is beetween 10-15 kW(I did some research at the internet).

Tasks what I want to do:
-Choose the right power semiconductors for the Inverter Bridge
-Design the driver circuitry
-Design speed control

Do you think that I can do the speed control with an Arduino board? If yes, what boards are you propose?

Thank you for your help!

You might want to have a look at this guy's 'tutorial'

Don't even think about starting at that power level. Start with a much smaller motor (or low voltage) and progress upwards. Its really expensive to make mistakes with large expensive power devices, make the mistakes with cheaper smaller devices and scale up.

And think about safety - an out of control 15kW gokart will put someone in hospital, that's for sure, so failsafe power limiting and emergency cutout will matter unless a physical clutch is used.

Id love to see the battery specs for the go kart, and how much the battery weighs.