controlling 3 stepper motors with coordination

Hi everyone, I am currently working on a project which requires to control 3 bipolar stepper motors with coordination. Is it possible to do that with a single arduino board? Please help me out!

Assuming you are using some kind of stepper motor driver for each motor, where you only have two pins needed for control (step and direction) - then a regular Arduino Uno would suffice. Otherwise, you would need to use another board (like a Mega) which has more pins. Alternatively, you could use multiple Arduinos (one per motor).

If you need the motors to all step at the same time (synchronous control) - with a single Arduino you would want to place the "step" pins all on the same port, and use direct port manipulation to set/reset all the bits of the port (and thus, the pins) at one time. If you are using multiple Arduino boards (one per motor) - it becomes a decidedly more difficult task, but it can be done.

yes it can

and i advice u dont make code too long, or delay command, or serialprintln() command it will disturb sending pulse step at stepper