Controlling 3A 12V fans with an Arduino Motor Shield

I need to control two 200 CFM 3A 12V fans but the Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 only has a max of 2A per channel. Are there other alternatives (other chips, h-bridges, motor shields, etc.) to protect my Arduino MEGA board? Thanks.

If it's uni-directional (ie doesn't need to blow and suck), you could just use a logic level mosfet eg like this one wired like this.

If you need a motor driver as such, eg for bi-directional control, then Pololu has loads of different ones here.

I am trying to supply this 12V, 3A fan: (

with enough power through an Arduino Motor Shield (R3). I am using a 12V, 2.1A SLA battery (

However, this is not enough to power this one fan. Is it possible to change the amount of current coming into the channel? I'm aware that there is a 2A max per channel and I think that the current is splitting into 1.05A coming into channel A. Is there any way to change this current coming into the channel. Thanks.

Basic_Control.ino (1.26 KB)

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That Arduino motor shield is unfortunately high-loss old technology (L298).

A single low-side n-channel logic level mosfet would be heaps better.
Assuming you don't want to use the fan's RPM info.

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