Controlling 4 Brushless Motors

Hello guys im new to the forum and also Arduino.

I am in the process of building a Quad Helicopter and I don't have any RC equipment for it yet. I want to power the ESC's which drive the brushless motors.

I have managed to control 1 motor at a time using code from this post:

I would now like to be able to power all four motors at once, please could I get some help with coding that?

I am using the Arduino Duemilanove.

Thanks in advanced :)

Did you look at the ServoTimer2 library that I linked in that other thread?

Yes thank you I looked at it, but as I said I'm very new to this so I found it hard to understand, and how to incorporate so many different sketches. :-/

If possible could I have some help understanding how to use it, and how I will connect 4 motors to the Arduino. I understood the basic servo program which drove 1 motor.

Can you expand the one motor sketch you have working by adding code for the three other motors. Don't worry about getting it working, just get the logic in place for your four motors. If you post this code I will try and help you get it working with the ServoTimer2 library.


I am also working on a quadrotor small helicopter and after some trials and failures with the brushed motors decided to switch to brushless. I am about to buy some escs and motors but dont know where to start.

SIN : Can you tell me which motor and esc model u are using??