Controlling 4 Digit 7 Segment Display

I,m having a hard time figuring out on how to control the colon on my 4 digit 7 segment.
Here is the schematics of my 4 digit 7 segment. common cathode and the colon is connected to the decimal of digit 2.

Is there any way to control my colon, just by it self without lighting the decimal of digit 2?, or the other way around, only the decimal of digit 2. Help please. :smiley: Thanks in advance.

If it's wired like this, there is no way around it other than to change the internal wiring, which probably is more or less impossible.

That is unfortunate - wonder why did that. Usually the colon is on a seperate pin.
Could always cover the decimal with some black tape.

Are you sure the wiring diagram is correct? The first thing to do is count the number of pins. If it really is 12, then check to see if the the dp and/or colon really works.

There are two things here that are beyond comprehension:

  1. A situation where a user actually requires the dp and colon alight at the same time.

  2. The company that made this is still in business.

In the light of 2, there probably isn't much point in trying to ask the company that made it, as they probably aren't.. If dp and colon really are on one pin, you might return it for refund - "not fit for purpose".