Controlling 4-digits 7 segment display

Hello , I recently bought a 4-digits 7 segment display, the problem is , any code i find on the web doesn’t work on it, so anyone knows to control it and display a spefic number?


there is the datahseet :

14mm-4-lu-ortak-anot-display-datasheet.pdf (172 KB)

You need to pull one of 6, 8, 9, 12 high to select a digit, then you can pull the other pins low (Remember a resistor in series with the pin) to turn one the segments on.
You need to switch between digits a few hundred times a second to get a stable display.

All this can be done by LED driver IC's like HT16K33, MAX7219, TM1637 and TM1638.

You can buy modules with a driver IC and a display on Ebay, you can see a lot of them here, including code to handle them.

It can be done without the drivers too with the ATmega8, using timer0 and using an overflow ISR to refresh the digits.