controlling 40 individually 40 output


I am doing research in neuroscience. Recently I have developed with a colleague a novel methodology to look at sleep and arousal in fruit fly. Basically we not only look at immobility duration - as it has been done over the last decade by the field - but also responsiveness to mechanical stimulations. We hope to accomplish a paradigm shift with our new methodology.

Our methodology has been published ( and we created a dedicated website explaining how it works (

Technically what we do is controlling with our software 2 motors with a DAC device, the USB-1208-LS from Measurement Computer. However what I would like to do is to independently control more motors (in my dreams, 40! So technically 40 outputs) so I can individually wake up flies.

However, I haven't found any Digital to Analog converter that would allow me so much freedom. I hope this is the correct topic.

Thanks a lot for your reply


What kind of control your motors require? What do you need your motor performs?

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