Controlling 5 DC Motors and 20 LED's using an UNO(or two)

As the title says, I need to run 5(or at least 4) dc motors (only in 1 direction and do not need speed either, just need for them to be in rotation) and 20 LED's (10 Red and 10 Blue, do not need individual control, just to be able to turn the 10reds or blues on and off) I do not have access to much materials but can get a hold of two Uno's, L298N bridges, resistors, wires etc. I am fairly new to arduino and this is just for a demonstration of a project idea. I know the basics but really need help in figuring out how to accomplish this without using too many ports. There will also be a HC-05 Bluetooth module connected. Thank You!

Do you need to be able to turn the motors on independently? If so, you need one pin per motor. If not, you need one pin.

You need one pin for the blue LEDs and one pin for the red LEDs. Of course, that pin is going to turn a transistor on on off, NOT the string of LEDs. The transistor being turned on will turn the LEDs on.

So, you need somewhere from 3 to 7 pins. The Uno has plenty more than that.

The Motors do not need to be turned on independently!
What I need is :

  • Turn on/off 5 motors as one
  • Turn on/off 10 Red LEDS as one
  • Turn on/off 10 BLUE LEDS as one

I've figured out the code on how to turn on/off ports using bluetooth but the electronic side of things is where I lack knowledge of.



Bumping a post and providing no additional data is rude.

What, exactly, is it you need help with? I already told you that the answer is to use a transistor for each collection of things. You'll need a separate power supply for each collection of things, capable of providing the required current at the correct voltage. Connect the transistor ground, the Arduino ground, and the power supply ground(s).