Controlling 5 tilt and pan from one computer

Hello, i need to control 5 tilt and pan cameras, each tilt and pan camera is made from 2 servos, so there are 10 servos i need to control in realtime from one computer for my project. Is it possible to do this with one arduino? which hardware do i need for this task?

many thanks

Just so I'm understanding, you are using the serial communication to command these servos?

The Arduino only has enough hardware to run two servos directly, but there are software libraries that can drive more. If the Arduino has a lot of other things to do, I'd look into using one of these to offload most of the PWM work:

It's a Cypress chip that has gobs of hardware timers, so it should be more accurate and stable than juggling lots of software timers in the Arduino.

If the pan/tilts aren't very close together, it might be better to dedicate a low-cost Arduino (like the RBBB) to each to save cabling costs and hassles.



I sure would like to know how to use 2 serrvo's with the arduino 2009. I have seen al lot of links showing examples with only one and a few with more than one. One works ok. But the examples of using more than one servo tell me to use an other servo-lib. Then I get errors.

Can you show me the code to use best?

If you need to control 10 servos then have a look at this library:

Ran, You seem to be saying that Arduino can only run two servos efficiently. That is not correct, the library linked above uses less than 1% of the available processing power to run 12 servos.