Controlling 6 Stepper motors

I need help in selecting a shield for Arduino UNO that controls 6 stepper motors in the most space efficient way; I need to put that setup on a person's wrist.

Each of the stepper motor has to work with complete autonomy.


You may get some useful information in stepper motor basics.

Without knowing what motors you plan to use (post a link to their datasheet) it is impossible to know what motor drivers are needed.

I think the RAMPS boards (which use A4988 drivers) can have 4 drivers. I am not aware of a board with 6 of those drivers.


the a498x are available on small prints, it makes it more flexible.

The RAMPS boards are designed for the Arduino MEGA 2560.

For 6 steppers you need 12 pins plus 6 Step & Direction drivers or 24 pins (4 per stepper) with enough current drive for your steppers. Perhaps three 8-bit shift registers. You can write shift registers at about 8 Megabits per second using SPI so that would allow about 300,000 steps per second, probably more than the steppers can stand.