Controlling 60amp Motor

I attempting to control a 12v 60amp motor with an arduino. I created a basic circuit schematic and attached the motor specs.

Schematic Motor

I am looking for feedback from more experienced users. The current sensors are inline for use of current control feedback. It also has limit, and displacement sensors that track the motor location. Will it work as I think. I plan on using pwm from the arduino to vary speed of the motor.

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To my untrained eye and a cursory datasheet inspection, it looks OK - but I would personally wait until someone else who knows more about MOSFET h-bridges of this size to chime in...

What's the motor actuating (I first thought maybe a "ride-on" toy, like a PowerWheels - but then the name of your schematic, and the details you gave, seem to suggest something else, like a linear actuator or such)?


There is a yahoo Group OSMC try googling i have seen tem deal with high amp motors

Well my main concern running at those kind of amps is that you make sure you understand the datasheets for all the MOSFETS. While amp ratings might seem to fit, one must always be aware that the devices must be operated in their SOA (safe operating area) at all times. Sometime mosfets wired in parallel are used to share the load current and heat dissipation across two devices rather then one. Of course heat sink requirements and wiring size need attention. Also gate drive requirements at these levels can be quite demanding and it’s not unusual to see purpose designed gate drive chip (that can sink and source current quickly) used rather then simple switching transistors.

A lot depends on your prior experience designing and building power circuits like this. They can be very unforgiving and expensive to repair. Have you considered a commercial H-drive motor board? There are many small companies now supplying such boards for the robot hobby market. You might find it cheaper to buy vs build. But then again this hobby is about building our own stuff rather then always buying premade or off the self stuff. :wink:

Just rambling mostly, don’t let me be a speed bump. :wink: