Controlling 8 relays to fast blink a batch of LED switches via a Uno, easy?

Hello, I have bought an Arduino Uno a while back but have not really got into using it much yet.

HOWEVER, I have an urgent need! I am part of a theatre group and we want to build a fake old style computer control board with lots of flashing led switches (we have these).

Just wondering if someone could let me know if I can use a Uno board to drive an 8 relay board like this directly or do I need any other components inbetween?

I have only just over a week to complete this project, I expect the coding is really simple but I would appreciate it if someone could show me a piece of code I need to fire off these relays (hopefully random) for say 1 second on, 1 second off. If not random then sequencing through the 8 relays would be fine.

Not sure if this is the right section of the forum either!! Thanks in advance, Jon.