Controlling a 12vDC servo with photosensor and battery/voltage monitoring

Hi guys, i have some solar panels which are hooked up to 2 x 12v batteries in series powering (and storing energy for) a servomotor to turn a roller with posters on it at around 190rpm until a photosensor picks up the next poster and it stops. (ALL SPECS ARE TWO POSTS DOWN THANKS) it does this 5 times (for the six posters), then it does the same thing only in reverse. Im going be using a ATmega328 micro. I also am going to monitor the battery voltage and current with a chip to let the user know when the voltage/current is running too high/low. A simple LED or buzzer function will suffice if the voltage/current gets too great or too low. I know its a bit presumptuous but code someone give me code for such an operation I'd be hugely grateful. Any questions you have will be answered asap. I've a deadline coming up too so I'd really like something quick sharp. I'll answer any questions you feel the need to ask. I know its very vague but I'm a rookie at this so would appreciate any code at all. Thanks and hope to hear from the "all knowing arduino experts" very shortly.

Have you read the guidelines for posting in the "How to use this forum - please read." sticky topic? Please do so and provide all the information we need. In particular:

which solar panels which batteries which servomotor - how are you driving / planning to drive the motor? which photosensor and post your current code in code tags.

Hi, I apologise for the lack of info. Total newbie here. I have no code as of yet as like I said, I'm a total newbie. I was simply looking for starting pointers and some code which might do something like the actions I mentioned earlier. Here are the specs of the components: Battery: Lead Acid, 12v, 10.5Ah, 126Whr, Motor: Crouzet 82867 077, 12vDC Brushed, 5Nm output torque. A relay will be used to control the motor from the arduino, Panels (x8): Output - 100mA @ 4.8V, Open-circuit voltage: 6.4V, Xtrinsic Battery Sensor with LIN for 12 V Lead-acid Batteries - MM912_637, Photosensor: Just a LDR light sensor and 1k? resistor.

I really am just after the bones of the code. How to set the variables at the start. and then where to go from there. Thanks and again, sorry I dont have any code, Im a total newbie.

Your heading is misleading.... a 12vdc brushed motor is not a servo.

Are you planning on the LDR being a sensor to check when the next poster has rolled into place? You might find LDRs a bit arbitrary in behaviour for that and might like to look at something like this.

I think you need to come to terms with the basics of the whole Arduino thing before you do anything else, and here's what I recommend:

Start with these tutorials, at least sections 1-3. Then pop over to adafruit for their photocell tutorial. Then to see how to drive motors and relays, have a look (eg) this and this.