Controlling a 36v/400a DC Motor Controller

Hi Everyone,

Loving my Arduino. Got a new project though.

I just purchased a gutted EZGO Golf Cart which I want to rebuild. I want to integrate a Arduino into it to control the drive train, the charging mechanisms as well as a number of sensors, indicators, etc.

Normally the cart is powered by 6 x 6v batteries which are connected in series and controlled by a DC Motor Controller much the same as the one in the link below:

Throttle Input:
ITS (inductive)
Resistive 0-5K ohm (+/-10%)
5K-0 ohm (+/-10%)

The challenge comes in by the fact that the motor can draw up to 300 amps which will obviously fry any existing arduino shields, etc.

Anyone got any suggestions on how I should go about connecting the motor or its motor controller up to my arduino? Should I simply connect the 0-5v throttle to a pwm output?

Your assistance is MUCH appreciated.

PWM might work, or a 5K digital pot on resistive input is another possibility.

Ah. That is a good idea. Thanks.

Any suggestion on the most compatible unit?