Controlling a 4.5v 500 mA Santa Claus


I’m desperatly trying to switch on/off a dancing Santa Claus using an Arduino. The circuit is really simple. I tried with a MOC3021 optocoupler with no luck. I tried with a 5V relay (FRS10C-S12), no luck either.

I attached an example of the circuit (again, it’s really simple).

I’m thinking the MOC302 optocoupler can’t handle a 500 mA current. What should I use then ?

Thanks !

Why would you break the negative connection? Conventions say break positive to keep anything from floating.

The optocoupler is only rated for 100mA. The Relay you are using has a coil rating of 12V. Neither is going to work for you. Unless you use a transistor with a 12V supply to activate the relay.

I don't see why he can't use a low side driver for battery powered device like this?

This would be very easy with N-channel MOSFET:

High side driver is a little more complicated:

Thank you guys.

I didn't specify, but I'm sure it shows that I'm new in electronics. I read that the MOC optocoupler is a triac one, hence it won't work with a DC circuit (it never turns off, since it needs to wait for a zero crossing from a AC to shut off).

I'm now trying with an 4N26 instead. I'll look for this specified MOSFET. Thanks !

An opto coupler is the wrong thing to use for this application. You will not get one to handle the current. As you said the MOC302 optocoupler is a triac and is made of AC only.

All you need is a logic level FET, you only need to switch one of the power lines not both.

I'm desperatly trying to switch on/off a dancing Santa Claus using an Arduino

I would be more desperate to turn it off than on, it's a mater of taste.

BAHAHAHA... your diagram made my day...