Controlling a 90vdc motor with adruino. Best way??

Hi guys,

So hopefully I can get some advice from someone who knows better here. I want to control my 90vdc motor via my aduino uno and use the wall as a power source. I will be using a bridge rectifier in a similar fashion to this video: Although instead of a dimmer switch, I will be using an arduino Uno. I just don’t know how or where on the board to connect the alligator clip/wires! Or if this is the correct way to do this.

I just don't know how or where on the board to connect the alligator clip/wires!

You don't connect them anywhere. If it's a serious question then it implies that your understanding of electric circuits is not good enough to deal with high voltage and high power motors safely. At these voltages, there is a significant danger of killing or seriously injuring somebody and this is not a sensible starter project.

At 0:52 did he really go from a mains plug to uninsulated alligator clips, which he touched with his hand?

This video should come with a warning: AVOID DEATH!

PeterH is right, the Arduino doesn't come into this, and please don't report him for trying to save your life.

Read this thread,20594.0.html
and then find an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) rated for the needs of your motor.
The Arduino will control the ESC, the ESC will drive the motor.

One might use an ac motor controller turned via an arduino controlled servo as part of the circuit.

I gather it is in America - they are known to do things like that there. We sure don't.

(240V mains.)

Fortunately it wasn't powered up at that point, but exposed cables and croc clips strewn over the table seems like an accident waiting to happen. 50V is enough to kill, and 90/110V can kill easily. The thought of trying to attach croc clips carrying that sort of voltage to an Arduino is downright scary.