Controlling a brushless motor with encoder and PWM speed control

Hi there,

I would really like a little bit of direction with regard to wiring and coding an arduino to an 8-wire brushless motor with a PWM encoder built in. I have taken this motor off of an old printer and I want to get it running at a certain speed and for a certain duration of time with a feedback loop involved.

I understand what each wire does, however I do not understand what electrical components I need, what pins i wire, nor the programming side of things - I am new to Arduino ;D

The motor controller consists of 8 wires including 24v, GND, Brake, PWM, CW/CCW, VCC, ENC_B, ENC_A.
I also have an Arduino Uno that I have just purchased for the project.

If there are any other people that have done this already on here, I would definitely appreciate a link to their findings.

If not, could you please assist me with getting this motor working.

Thanks in advance