Controlling a car's windows, wipers, lights, etc

Hello everyone.

So my dad has a Hyundai Accent 2016 model which bascially doesn't do anything automatically. The windows don't go up when you turn off the car. The doors won't lock when you turn off the car. The lights won't go off. You have to do all that manually. Even the wipers don't have adjustable speeds. There's just a fast speed that is very annoying to use in light rain. So he has to just manually turn it on and off repeatedly in light rain.

So I have been thinking for a while to modify the car somehow and gain access to these systems. Automating all of that should be a piece of cake if I have access to the car's computer system but I'm not sure if that's possible.
I know about CAN bus and that I may be able to READ different sensors with it but I'm not sure if it's possible to also send commands using CAN bus.

So what's the best way to do this?

Btw the guarantee period is over so I can go about fiddling with stuff but I prefer to use the least intrusive method possible.


What about the mechanical side of it, fitting window mechanism, central locking system mechanics, rework the wipers to get variable speed, both mechanically and electrically.

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

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In some ways, Great keep it that way, I have a 2005 Megane which did come with all these features but reliability is a bit of an issue.

They shouldn't. They should lock once you are outside of the car, and new electric cars i've driven, lock them while you are driving, which i also find uncomfortable.

That was a feature that could handled by the remote, but this feature cause the windows to go up, down and burn the automatic window motor, so be careful with that.

Adding an interval switch can be a good plan.


Bad idea, they should be a "deadman switch", not automatic closing, you could trap someone in them.
My 2006 Kia Rio, has electric windows and they are fully manual, that way you can't accidentally injure someone.
A lot of the automatic functions in cars these days are interlocked with other systems.
I don't think your CanBus would like other alien devices connected to it.

It sounds like you car has no BMU, Body Management Unit that would take care of the extra bits and let the ECU take care of engine management.

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I was hoping I wouldn't need to do any mechanical things. Just "talk" on the bus or whatever and tell windows to close, wipers to wipe, etc.

I have average electronic experience (compared to hobbists) and above average programming experience. (I hope )

Oh :frowning:

Yeah I meant after parking the car. My uncle had a car that did that and I thought it was cool. You could just leave it and it would automatically close the windows, turn off the lights and lock the doors after a while.

Add it where?

You mean for giving commands?
Because I see modules being sold online for reading car diagnosis data and such.

Meaning my only option is to intercept the wiring to each device and control it with a relay or something?

The main wiring to the windscreen wipers, chances are they are not connected to any MCU. I actually build windscreenwiper relays for cars that have windscreenwiper switches with only 3 positions (off, on, fast) that do not require an extra switch. They are meant for oldtimer cars that don't have interval windscreenwiper relays, but in which you don't want to add an extra switch in the dashboard.

I see.
So no such thing as sending commands using the CAN bus right?

And check with your insurance company.

The insurance will often be void if you 'modify' the vehicle without their approval.

Thanks. I don't think that'll be an issue here.

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