controlling a computer internet through a computer

Hello everyone. This is my first post on this site, but i am looking into creating a some kind of internet switch, which can take in an ethernet cable and have a cable going from the "switch" to a computer. is this possiple in any way? or even with multiple computers i want to control?

I have been looking at ethernet shields but does not look like i can use them for this kindda project. any good ideas?

Do you need to switch the Internet connection to each of the multiple computers individually, or are you only interested in turning the Internet connection on or off to all the computers at once?

Hello pert! it would be best IF it was possible to switch the computers internet off individually, if that is not possible though, it would be okay to just turn off the whole internet controlled from the arduino.

I'm certain it's possible to control them individually. The reason I asked is because a simple solution would be to use the Arduino to switch the power on/off to the router. You can buy "power tail" sorts of things that have an integrated relay to switch mains power safely and easily from an Arduino by just plugging the power tail thing into the outlet and the router's power supply into the power tail thing, then connect ground and an IO pin from the Arduino board. But that will only allow you to switch Internet to all the computers connected to the router at the same time.

hmmm? Well it is a solution, that i might be able to work more on, but you don't know if it is possible to switch them off individually? because im working with a local esports team on this project, so i hoped to do it individually?

else i will try to find out something from that solution. even though i know there is a ethernet library for arduino.

I'm certain that it's possible to switch them individually. I don't know the best way to go about doing that, but I'm sure someone else here will come along shortly and explain it.

I just thought I'd suggest a "hacky" option for you to consider. There are other options that will be cheaper and more flexible, but also more complex.

i will consider you comments. thank you very much for your advice. i hope to see what other people might come up with soon

There may be some hacks to corrupt the ethernet connection by running some of the ethernet wires in the ethernet cables thru small relays that the arduino can control.