Controlling a knob / encoder / button / pad with arduino on a real Drummachine / Synthesizer

Hi Arduino Forum!

I am searching a while now how I can possibly control for example a Drummachine like Arturia DrumBrute's Interface like Buttons, Knobs, Encoders, Pads and the like with Arduino. I am able to program Arduino and use Robot Framework and Python to let the Arduino Board do what I need to do but I couldn't find any information about which devices, relais or robots I need in order to be able to press a Drum Pad or rotate a Knob on a real Hardware Drummachine or Synthesizer.

Something like the following for a knob for example.

Any idea is appreciated.


You may take a view here to get some ideas:

Have a nice day and enjoy coding in C++.

Thank's Paul but you misunderstand. I don't want to create a Drum Machine I want to automate one.

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