Controlling a large number of keyboards and solenoids.

I'm trying to build a control system for a small pipe organ that I am in the process of building. I would like to use the Arduino to control the electronics for maximum flexibility and customization. When finished, I would need it to have two keyboards with 183 solenoid valves. However, I have not been able to find any guides on how to do a large scale electronic project like this. Everything I have found has been how to connect one or two solenoids or wire one keyboard. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I would go about doing a larger project like this?

Did you ask Google?

"pipe organ"


I'd start by trying to control just one pipe. That'd be a good start.

When you have that working, start thinking of how you would possibly scale it up to 183 solenoids & a matching number of keys. That's a huge challenge. Keeping wiring in check, assuring sufficient power supply while keeping noise and crosstalk under control, having the Arduino react fast enough to the keys, etc.

What's the role of the Arduino? The pipes can be controlled better by the keys than by an Arduino.