Controlling a LED using Serial Monitor

I am trying to control a led using serial monitor. the code is

int ledpin = 13;
void setup(){
  Serial.println("Enter the H ---> LED on      Or        L----> LED off ");
void loop(){
    char ser =;
    if (ser == 'H')
      //Serial.println('You Entered H');
      else if(ser == 'L')
       // Serial.println('You Entered L');
        Serial.println('You entered the wrong Character');

I can Able to On and off led using serial monitor. I am getting a number when i sent L or H to the serial Monitor How can i remove it ?

if I send another character like "j" i am not getting a message "You entered the wrong Character".

Turn off the newline in serial monitor. You're getting the H and L but you're also getting new line characters. (I'm just guessing.)

In C/C++ language, strings should be surrounded by double quote marks (e.g. "my string"); single quotes (like you used in your println calls) are reserved for single character only.

Hey... Thanks For the Quick Reply.

I turned off the new line character. Now i am getting nothing when i send H or L. But when I send Some other character i am getting number 25970.

Thanks man... problem solved. I should use Double Quote Marks