Controlling a Motor using PWM port

I'm trying to control the speed of a 12V motor using a L298N Motor Controller and my Arduino Uno. The motor controller is connected to 12V of power, and when everything is set up correctly and 5V is applied to the EN1 pin, the motor spins at full speed. The issue I'm having is with the PWM port; it doesn't give me enough current to power the motor at all. I've set the PWM to output 270 and the motor tries to spin but just isn't getting enough current. How do I go about providing that EN1 pin with more power so it allows all 12V to flow into my motor while also being able to turn that power up or down based on my PWM pin? I'm relatively new to Arduino and self teaching, but I know the basics. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

I'm using an Arduino Uno from Elegoo
This is the L298N Motor Controller:

This is the Motor:

Exactly which PWM pin are you using? Where is your code and why 270, PWM values are from 0-255?


I totally just wrote 270 thinking that was the max for PWM, thank you! This made it work.

". I've set the PWM to output 270 "

That explains I didn't remember ever testing it
with that PWM command. I thought it was just my
memory failing me.
Good catch slipstick. (I know, that's a no brainer
but it slipped right past me. I feel like an idiot for
not noticing that. Oh well, win some, lose some.)