Controlling a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 using utilising a CC3000 WiFi Shield?

Hi folks,

So I've been tasked with trying to control a Parrot AR drone using its UDP and TCP connection protocols via WiFi through the power of only an arduino. I've made good progress in being able to connect to the AR Drone's WiFi Network and also connect to the ports:

5556 -> Sending commands
5554 -> Receiving Telemetry

However My efforts to read or write any data to these ports has been so far rather fruitless.
I read somewhere that the drone needs to be updated with commands every 30 ms or so for smooth flight characteristics with an upper limit being every 2 secs for data to be sent to the drone.

I'm no expert, in fact I'm something of a NOOB to arduino so I'm wondering if this is even possible for the arduino to do at 30ms?

Cheers, Any insight would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: