Controlling a PH507 (aka. TCA6507) I²C SMB-Bus 7-LED

Hoi, i got some PH507 from Texas Instruments.

Description;: ---snip This 7-bit LED dimmer for the two-line bidirectional bus (I 2 C) is designed to control (or dim) LEDs via the I 2 C interface [serial clock (SCL), serial data (SDA)]. Without this device, the microprocessor or microcontroller must be actively involved in turning on and off the LEDs (per the required dimming rate), which uses valuable processor time and the overloads I 2 C bus. The TCA6507 alleviates this issue by limiting the number of operations required by the processor in blinking LEDs and, thus, helps to create a more efficient system. ---snap

Has anyone some experiences with this kind of ICs ? The adaptorboard is recognized by the I²C-Bus, but i cant get any LED to work =( BRR)OGUiNw~~48_72.JPG)

In the official datasheet i found the following chart: