Controlling a proportional valve with Robotshop circuit

I am trying to control a proportional valve (PV10P12080A0) with the PCA9685 4-channel from Robotshop. However, I do not know how to proceed. Do I need an additional ESP8266 nodeMCU to control? I am looking to build a controllable vacuum flow system which can be regulated automatically depending on the line pressure. If pressure is too high (above 5psi vacuum e.g., then the valve opens completely allowing full vacuum suction for 1min e.g., and then valve closes again) I also have a pressure transducer but don’t know if I need to integrate into the PCA9685 4-channel board (or nodeMCU board if needed). Although I am not a coder or electronics guy, I can follow if anyone decided to help. Any advice will be extremely helpful. Thank you all.

Hi @pavelsta ,
PV10P12080A0 valves control the flow depending on the current in the valve.

If for example the pressure is 100 PSI, it is closed if the valve current is below 0.1 mA, and it is fully open if the current is greater than 0.4 A.
And in this interval adjusts the flow according to the current that passes through it. see the graph.
For other pressures, the values are on the other chart.

The PCA9685 product as specified on the website controls this valve, but it will be necessary to use an additional ESP8266 nodeMCU or (Arduino) to control it.

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Thank you so much for the assistance. I have assembled the total connected circuit as: ESP8266 > PCA9685 4 channel PWM circuit > proportional valve (PV10P12080A0). But I seem to have no feedback into the system which will regulate the current thereby controlling the valve. I wanted to build a system which can open to full vacuum suction if the pressure at inlet increases (e.g. if there is a clog at inlet). Can I add a feedback with pressure sensor? If so, I have no idea how!!!!

Hi @pavelsta

Post her sketch and a schematic of how it all connected.

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I connected the PWM circuit board to ESP8266 D0 pin on one side and solenoid valve on the other OUT1 (+ and -) pins. The ESP8266 will be powered by USB I think but I wanted to connect a pressure transducer to A0 pin too. Problem is I know no coding so is there any ESP8266 coding on Arduino tutorial/pdf available? What do you all suggest? I have not connected the PCA9685 (pic shown) yet as I was using a different affordable circuit already with me. Please suggest the circuit problems and the coding to control the PWM circuit board/PCA9685 (as you please). All your input are extremely valuable to me and if I have to learn something please do suggest!!

@ruilviana Am I going in the right direction?

Hi @pavelsta .
As far as I could see yes. Yes, you are on the right path.

But I don't know if this 9V battery will have enough charge for your project.

The ESPxxxx must be powered with 5V or 3.3V.

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Thank you so much for your help @ruilviana! It is because of educators like yourself that we can learn and move ahead. I was planning to power the ESP by USB from computer, would that draw in sufficient power for it to work? From what I figured was that I need a PWM Arduino code to put this all together and a pressure transducer at the analog A0 pin of ESP to read and report line pressure. In that way, I have to read pressure and adjust the PWM output of the solenoid valve if the pressure crosses a threshold. I think that is what I need to write down in the code. Would it be possible to provide some links for Arduino code so I can study them in detail? I am beginning to learn the codes!

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