Controlling a PSU fan ON/OFF - Feasibility

First of all, happy new year to everyone! This is my first topic here and i've never dealt with Arduino before and my electronics knowledge is pretty basic so I decided to register and seek i bit more knowledge before moving forward with what I want to do. So here is my problema and what i'm planing:

These holidays I got myself a brand new Xbox One console that have some nice features and one specific annoyance i want to deal myself. The power supply keeps the fan on and at a steady rpm all the time, even when the console is in a sleep state and probably barely consuming power, and as the console is kept in my bedroom, the fan noise in the dead silent room in the middle of the night is enough to annoy me enough to come up with the following project.

 - Arduino 
 - Current Sensor (30A)
 - Temperature Sensor

 - When the current peaks above the normal when the console is in sleep state the Fan is turned on as normal.
 - When the temperature peaks above the normal when the console is in sleep state the fan is turned on as normal.
 - I'd like to draw power from the Xbox PSU to turn on the Arduino.

Note that i'm talking about the fan located on the PSU, not the one inside the console that cool the CPU/GPU.

So what to know is: Is this project doable? Any pitfalls I should be aware? Are the parts listed enough or I'll need anything else? Any tips to make this work before being surprised with the situation of having to buy another power supply for my brand new Xbox?

Do not do this.

1.) This will void your warranty and if something goes wrong you'll have to buy a new one to replace it. On the bright side you'll have a glorified paper weight to impress your friends with and remind you of that one dumb thing you did.

2.)PSUs are not to be messed with. EVER!!! You may think you're playing with a external PSU but if you do it wrong you can say goodbye to your console too. Now you have two paper weights and that will be the least of your possible problems...

3.)It sounds like you haven't tried you contact Microsoft Support about the issue. Why?

4.) Have you tried disabling the instant on feature on the xbox? If so why can't you just unplug it?

Yeah, I know this will avoid the warranty and disabling the instant on feature of the console indeed stops turn the power supply off as well but it also turns off many cool features of the Xbox One too like downloading in background and turning on by voice commands.

The thing about the instant on feature is that it's nothing but a power hungry gimmick. The thing is here is that your Xbox hasn't actually turned off let alone gone into sleep mode. You're system is still on consuming a considerable amount of power. Much more than you seem to realize. Because of that the fan has to stay on and cool the PSU. If you mod it and turn it off your PSU will over heat causing a safety cutoff to activate and completely shut off the console any way. What you're attempting to do here is extremely dangerous. Please don't mess with it and you are better off forgetting about the idea.