Controlling a Sabertooth 2x10 w/ an Arduino

Has anyone controlled a Sabertooth 2x10 w/ an Arduino controller? I am building an Underwater ROV that will use 3 - 12V motors(6amps each). I am a newbie to the microcontroller world and was originally going to use relays, but a microcontroller seems like a lot more fun.

I used an arduino to control a Sabertooth, (a 2x25 ? I think) by using the pwm to generate an analog voltage input for the speed controller, but the pwm frequency had to be increased to prevent excessive noise from the motors. This was not really successful so I resorted to an external D/A chip.

If the 2x10 can do it, it may be better to use the serial input mode or the r/c control mode, or external circuitry like I did.